Assalamualaikum and Hai semua.

So do you wanna know me,right?Alright!My name was given Syazwani.You can call me Wawa or  Niesya or Syaz.But I would like people to call me Syaz.I am Pahanese.Proud to be Muslim and Malaysian.I am student and born on 20 May.So my zodiac is Taurus.Anyone have the same zodiac like me?Put your hand up!Great!So we are Taurus.Hmm..what else you want to know about me?My age?Hehe..it's secret.Shhhh!What I love to eat?That's my favourite question.Ok!I love to eat Nasi Goreng U.S.A.I don't know it is a Malaysian food or American food but I think based on the dish,it have rice,right? and mustard,slice meat,carrot and the tomato sauce.Maybe it's a Malaysian food.Because it have rice.Of course it is a Malaysian food.

Ok!Now,I want to tell you about my blog.My blog is  pink in colour.I love pink because it is show that my life is full with a lot of story .No matter it is a sad story,happy or so on.To face the challenge in this life,we must go on and think about ourself.So

Whatever makes you feel bad,leave it.Whatever makes you smile,keep it.

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